Goldman Sachs will provide new opportunities

Goldman Sachs will provide Bitcoin services to its private clients.

Goldman Sachs

According to reports, Goldman Sachs offers Bitcoin and other crypto investment tools to private wealth management clients in the second quarter of this year. Although there is no clear information about the timing of Goldman Sachs’ planned cryptocurrency offers. Goldman Sachs is considering offering it in the near term.

Mary Rich was recently elected head of global digital assets for Goldman’s private wealth management division. Rich stated in a statement the bank aims to start offering investments in the rising asset class in the second quarter with the following sentences: “We are working to explore new ways to offer thoughtful and convenient access to the ecosystem for individual wealth clients.”

In the statement, Bank was considering many different options, including physical, derivative, and traditional instruments.

Rich also said the bank could offer investment paths similar to the underlying asset class traded 7-24 globally, as well as Bitcoin mutual funds as Morgan Stanley would have.

Goldman targets individuals and families with a minimum investment of $ 25 million for his new private wealth management business.

Mary Rich also stated the following regarding the new development:
“We are in the early stages of this ecosystem. No one knows exactly how it will evolve or take shape. But I think it’s quite safe to expect this to be part of our future. ”
This new development means that two of the world’s leading investment banks, Goldman and Morgan Stanley. They will have access to a new asset class that attracts customers, billionaires, and digital currency users.


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