NFT Made by Robot Sophia Sold for Approximately $ 700,000


Robot Sophia sold her self-portrait as NFT and found a buyer for 688 thousand dollars. According to the statements, the work emerged with Sophia’s preferences, without human intervention.

According to CNN news, the robot Sophia worked with Andrea Bonaceto, a partner of blockchain investment firm Eterna Capital, during self-portrait. Bonaceto created a colorful portrait of Sophia in the first place. Sophia then added her own interpretation to this portrait. The name of the self-portrait has been determined as “Sophia Instantiation.”

The user named 888 got Sophia’s NFT by making a bid of 688 thousand dollars. The user said, “I got goosebumps on Twitter.” he said and could not hide his astonishment at this incident with Sophia.

Sophia, on Twitter, replied to 888, “There is a real connection between us, your work really impressed me.” said.

Sophia developed at Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics; She became a world-renowned robot with many features such as its movements, gestures, speech, and abilities. She explained that Sophia entered the NFT space with the self-portrait she made by taking up the painting process of her creator, David Hanson, Sophia. According to Hanson, painting for Sophia is an evolutionary cycle.


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