My Neighbor Alice’s First Land Sale Has Started!


With the launch of ALICE Token, the My Neighbor Alice team has upgraded the blockchain-powered game they have developed!

According to the information we have obtained from the MNA (My Neighbor Alice) team.The first land sale will start on April 27, 2021. To give details, the sale is valid for Nature’s Rest, one of the 6 island regions. The regions in the archipelago are named as follows; Snowflake Island is divided into Medieval Plains, Lummestad (The Town), Nature’s Rest, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Island.

However, there is an event exclusive to the game’s initial land sale. Players participating in the first land sale will benefit from special discounts. The number of lands to be sold is determined as 927. Under normal circumstances, the lands will sell at the price of 50 ALICE tokens. These will be offered for sale at 60% discount, especially for the first sale event. In other words, the first user who wants to buy their land will be able to own their land for a price of 20 ALICE.

Only 5% of the land will be sold.

In particular, users have to stake 50 ALICE or 1000 CRH tokens continuously for 14 days. Also, the more tokens users stake, the more tickets they will earn. For example, users who stake 500 ALICE Tokens in a 14-day period will own 10 tickets, which means more chances in the lottery. The purchase will be possible for lucky users who will be determined by the lottery, so more tickets means more luck.


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