Dreyfus announced: Manchester City is a new member of Chiliz&Socios

Socios and Chiliz CEO Alexandre Dreyfus announced that they signed an agreement with Manchester City, one of the English Premier League teams. Manchester City became the new member of the Socios and Chiliz ecosystem.


“We are delighted with the agreement we made with Manchester City last night,” Dreyfus said in a YouTube live broadcast. We had been in contact with them for 2.5 years. It will be the first Premier League team that we will issue tokens. ” said. Dreyfus continued, “There were people who thought they were victims of the tokens left in the Locker Room after the price increased. These users will receive four times more Manchester City tokens. We will announce detailed information on this topic next week or the week after. ” used the expressions. The short name of the token will be “CITY.” Users can purchase fan tokens through the Socios.com

According to the statement, more teams from the English Premier League may join Chiliz in the future. Dreyfus, on the subject, “There are 3 or 4 more teams from the Premier League we are talking to.” said.

Dreyfus also said, “Turkey, Latin America, and we continue to do severe work in South Korea.” he said.


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