Chainlink (LINK) Price Prediction


LINK, which has been under the influence of high volatility for a long time, still maintains this effect. The asset, which has been holding the $ 26.4 support for a while, sees sharp fluctuations above this level. The movement, which saw the highs and lows in abundance, finally surpassed the $ 29.46 support.

It caught a bounce after seeing a tough process at the $ 28.13 resistance point during the week. This bounce is caught in the $ 30.18 resistance, but LINK wants the continuation of the increase. Although this situation turns into a somewhat retracement, the techniques are quite optimistic. Currently, LINK is aiming to win the $ 30.2 support.

If $ 30.2 accepts support, the move towards the 1.618 extension level for LINK will be more strongly supported. However, going above the 25-day moving average ($ 30.64) will accelerate the process. If the asset can confirm its support, the break of $ 31.25 is the level that will be effective in forming a new trend. Finally, if the fall risk pushes the asset below the $ 28.3 support after the rejection, it will last up to $ 26.1.

P.S: This is not an investment advice.


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