15th BNB burn is coming soon.


It was declared recently that the CFTC is under investigation of Binance, and it is examining whether US citizens can exchange derivatives on the stock market. After this news, Binance Coin misplaced roughly 14% in value. The price of BNB fell from $ 288 to $ 247.

Under the dark light of information, it should be underlined that the CFTC does not accuse Binance of manipulation in any way and that some sources exaggerate the investigation news. In his statements on the subject, CZ stated that this is only FUD and that CZ will be sure about the truth is going to figure out soon.

42 Times Increase in 1 Year

Binance Coin, which experienced a rapid recovery after yesterday’s decline, rose above $ 280 again today with the effect of the rise in Bitcoin. Also, BNB had dropped to $ 6.4 at the time of the big market crash 1 year ago. Therefore, it should be noted that BNB is traded approximately 42 times higher than 1 year ago.

CZ, the CEO of Binance, has announced that the 15th BNB coin burn will take place in about a month. In answer to a Twitter question about when the next coin burn will take place, CZ gave an estimation. 

In addition, with the BNB burn, it is also predicted that the price may rise further and over $ 300 will be seen in a short time.


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