Frauding attack on Binance Smart Chain


Meerkat Back, a DeFi project based on Binance Smart Chain, was hacked for $ 31 million. The declaration of the assault was a few hours ago.

Meerkat Finance, one of the decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, came to life fair a day back. A declaration was published on Meerkat’s Telegram channel on March 4, and it was declared that the project’s contract was assaulted.

According to preliminary information, 13.96 million BUSD and 73.635 Binance Coins were stolen. Its current value is more than $31.2 million.

Private key might have been stolen.

The deployer contract composed for Meerkat Back is right now totally purged. According to The Block’s investigation, it is conceivable that the extend’s private key was leaked.

After the assault, Meerkat Finance’s site and the Twitter accounts cannot be accessed by users. Binance representatives declared that they launched an investigation into the occurrence after the assault. Social media notices the possibility of this assault is a ‘rug pull. This is the greatest assault ever on Binance Smart Chain.


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