17 Times Valued in a Year: What is Bancor Network (BNT)?


The Bancor Network (BNT) price increased by 1,616% in one year to $ 5.97. So what are Bancor Network and BNT tokens?

Bancor Network (BNT) saw a 17-fold increase in one year, up 203% on the monthly chart and 56% on the weekly chart. The highest value he saw in a year was 5; While it was $ 97, it had not yet reached its all-time high of $ 10.72 in 2018. BNT saw a trading volume of $ 436 million daily. The current market value of BNT, which is 93rd in the market value ranking, is around 607 million dollars.

What are Bancor Network and BNT tokens?
Bancor Network, established in Switzerland, provides automatic price determination for tokens in smart contracts and provides liquidity. This decentralized liquidity protocol is open source and community-driven.
It is aimed to create a more free and open system by encouraging the participation of the Bancor community in the network.

The Bancor network creates Smart Token while enabling the transfer of tokens between smart contracts. Smart Tokens provide the formation of liquidity for tokens that users send to Bancor. ERC-20-based Smart Tokens; It provides the continuity of liquidity, does not have transaction fees, is not immediately affected by price changes, and offers transparent prices. The BNT token connects all tokens in the Bancor network.

It ensures the harmony of Bancor-based tokens to the network ecosystem and balances the Bancor ecosystem. The circulating supply of BNT tokens, which has a supply of 129 million, is 112 million. BNT is listed; Coinbase, Binance, HitBTC, OKEx, MXC, Huobi, UniSwap.


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