Ethereum On The Stage: What Is The Next Goal For ETH That $ 1760?


It was expected today, and ETH surged up to the initial target of $ 1750. ETH, which earned its investors 9 percent during the day, managed to attract all the attention. The next most important level for ETH to reach the first resistance level in the Fibonacci correction is the $ 1900 levels. Because, with the persistence on the red trend line on the chart below, a rapid rise can be seen up to $ 1900.

ETH, which gained about 20 percent in February against Bitcoin, proves that the money in Bitcoin started to flow to altcoins. When you look at it, the decline of BTC dominance below 60 percent is considered very positive for altcoins. However, when investing in altcoins, we should never forget the importance of always looking at BTC movements and positioning accordingly.

Reminding that investors should definitely expect decreases in ETH, which has attracted all the attention now, we repeatedly emphasize the importance of not making investments at record prices and investing when the support levels are slackened.

P.S: This is not an investment advice.


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