Raoul Pal Announces Ethereum Price Target: $ 20,000 Is Possible in ETH?


Ethereum has been charting a good price chart for the past few days and is setting new records by breaking its old ones. This has led to an increase in ETH estimates, and hope that ETH will see much higher levels before the end of 2021. Ethereum today set a new all-time record of $ 1,697. However, with this figure, ETH rose 17% above the peak price it saw 3 years ago.

Support at the previous record level of $ 1,450 must remain strong to see higher ETH levels, analysts say. As long as this level is maintained, it is thought that ETH, which is the largest altcoin in terms of market value, can easily exceed $ 2,000. However, according to the data obtained, ETH prices have increased by 130% since the beginning of the year. Compared to this, it is seen that Bitcoin only increased by 30% in the same period.

Target in ETH: $ 20,000

As new records arrive in Ethereum, medium and long-term price predictions are starting to take shape. Raoul Pal, economist and CEO of Global Macro Investor revealed that he is a bold price prediction for ETH in his statements on the subject. In his statements on Pal Twitter, he expressed that he expects ETH to see $ 20,000 before the end of 2021. For Ethereum to see $ 20,000 in 10 months, the price must increase more than 10 times. Although this may seem utopian, it is not impossible. Especially, thanks to the steps taken regarding ETH 2.0, it is considered certain that the price of Ethereum will increase. However, at this point, a target of $ 5,000 seems more realistic than $ 20,000.


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