This very rare NFT you see was sold for 760 thousand dollars.


While the prices of crypto money have increased, the NFT world has also heated up these days. Interest in NFT-based works is increasing. A purchase that took place yesterday confirms this. Considered the first NFT project in Ethereum, a Punk from the CryptoPunks series found a buyer at a record price. This NFT shown below was sold for 605 ETH, that is, 760 thousand dollars.

Punk 2890 is one of the only 9 alien Punk who was paid 605 ETH. There are 10 thousand different characters in the CryptoPunks series, each uniquely created, and none of them are the same. The series was released in June 2017.

The NFT in question was received for free when the series first came out. Later, in July 2017, it was sold to another person for 8 ETH, that is, for 2 thousand dollars at that day’s prices. Although there have been many other offers since then, they have not been sold until yesterday. Yesterday a buyer paid a full 605 ETH for this NFT. The seller made a 75-fold gain on an ETH basis. It was later revealed that the receiver was Flamingo, an NFT initiative.


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