Google Ethereum Searches Reach The All-Time High


It turns out that more people than ever in the history of crypto have searched the internet for the word Ethereum. Google trends reveal that the number of Google searches for Ethereum is currently reaching an all-time high, overshadowing search interest at the top of the recent ETH bull run. Ethereum’s previous peak in search term popularity was seen on January 13, 2018, when ETH reached its all-time high of $ 1,432. The Google Analytics interest score historically considered a “public benchmark” and rising for a crypto search term; It is thought to be associated with positive sentiment for the coin and project in question.

Bitcoin calls stay at 1 out of 5 against Ethereum Search interest in Ethereum. Simultaneously, it is perfectly logical for ETH to peak during this time when it reached its all-time high; the same cannot be said for “Bitcoin” searches, which remained at only 65% ​​of its peak popularity on December 23, 2017. On the other hand, it is seen that many people search about 1/5 of the word “Bitcoin” instead of “Ethereum” on Google. The rise in popularity for various crypto search terms is thought to be related to the more interest aroused as curious investors continue to make purchases and the price rises. It is believed that this way, a self-sustaining bull run could be created, resulting in a greater number of searches. Google trends also serve to provide data corresponding to relevant interests by region. Currently, Kosovo, North Macedonia, are among the countries that show the most interest in Ethereum as a search term. Slovenia, Nigeria, and China are included.

For some keywords and most terms related to cryptocurrencies, current interests expressed as the highest percentage of interest seen in December 2017 or January 2018 are listed as follows:

Ethereum: 100%

DeFi: 90%

Ethereum Classic: 87%

Crypto trading: 84%

Bitcoin: 65%

DApp (decentralized finance): 63%

Digital currency: 60%

Vitalik Buterin: 56%

Tether: 45%

XRP: 42%

Satoshi: 42%

Smart contract: 41%

Block chain: 41%

Cryptocurrency: 29%

Litecoin: 14%

Bitcoin Cash: 9%


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