Every Prediction of Bitcoin (BTC) Price is Becoming True: Analyst Announces New BTC Goals


Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to be traded at $ 37,000 as of press hour. The turmoil in the USA sent the price of BTC, which was difficult to rise above $ 35,000, to the level of $ 37,500, and BTC thus experienced an increase of $ 1,000 every day in a week. Crypto money analyst MmCrypto, known for his Bitcoin price predictions before, knew this rise and announced his new forecast. MmCrypto came to the fore with his prediction that $ 20,000 would break when the Bitcoin price was around $ 17,000 and that $ 30,000 would come in a short time.

He pointed out that Bitcoin would break 37.000 Dollars yesterday. Analyst says that it will break 40.000 Dollars soon. He stated that if the symmetrical triangle formation formed on the BTC chart is broken, things will change. MmCrypto hinted that BTC was empty up to the $ 40,000 resistance, and again he was right. Looking at the trade volume in the last 24 hours, it can be seen that investors are currently showing an incredible demand for BTC.

P.S: This is not an investment advice


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