Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the second richest name in Mexico, said he expected the price to decrease to invest in bitcoin. Pliego, which keeps 10% of its current portfolio in bitcoin, announced that it ” will definitely buy more bitcoin” as the price decreases. Ricardo Salinas Pliego is the second richest name in Mexico, with a fortune of $ 12.8 billion. Preferring to invest in gold and silver products, Pliego announced that it allocated 10% of its investment basket to bitcoin this year. Pliego shared his views and memories about bitcoin during his meeting with the Cointelegraph team.

When the price is low he will get more

As an investor, Pliego prefers to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver. It is known that Pliego, which avoids especially volatile shares, allocates 10% of its portfolio to bitcoin. Pliego explained that he could increase this amount. “If the bitcoin price goes down, I will definitely buy more bitcoins,” he said.


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