Amazing Performance: This Altcoin is Done 66x in 24 Hours! Here’s Why…


A relatively new altcoin built on Ethereum rose more than 6,548% in one day, after a key announcement from the company behind the project.

Grap.Finance (GRAP) altcoin grew 66 times

Grap. Finance (GRAP) is a fork of the YAM protocol, a decentralized protocol that uses refinancing strategies to achieve price stability. Its supply is designed to expand and contract according to market conditions. GRAP’s price dropped to an all-time low of $ 0.009 on December 11th. Subsequently, the altcoin jumped from $ 0.0108 on December 28 to $ 0.718 on December 29, growing 66 times in less than 24 hours.

As we previously reported, the Cover Protocol was hacked, and the hacker found a way to print endless tokens by exploiting a bug. The hacker minted a large number of tokens using this method. However, the funds were then returned to the protocol. A “White hat hacker (white-hat hacker)” claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the money was returned in a Twitter statement. On the COVER hack’s responsibility, the name of the hacker’s Twitter account is Grap. Finance. After this development, the price of Grap. Finance (GRAP) started to rise rapidly.


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