OKCoin, one of the well-known exchanges of the crypto money industry, has also joined the caravan of delisting XRP or stopping transactions. In the post published by OKCoin, it was stated that the case opened by the SEC on December 22 was closely monitored and XRP transactions would be suspended until it became clear.

January 3, 2021 06:00 CET: Users who borrow XRP or USD using the XRP / USD margin trading pair must return the funds before this date. Delays will trigger the liquidation process by the system and credit contracts will be terminated.
January 4, 2021 06:00 CET: spot and margin trading and XRP deposits will be suspended until a new announcement.

OKCoin emphasized that resolving such a situation would take time. In the meantime, OKCoin officials stated that they will continue to inform users and gave the message that this situation could continue for a long time. According to CoinMarketCap data, XRP’s place appears to be the ninth among the active markets of the OKCoin exchange. XRP / USD is in the 9th parity position with the highest volume in the light of the last 24 hours of data. However, the fact that this only achieved volume of $ 88,767 suggests that the OKCoin platform will not suffer a serious commercial loss by suspending XRP transactions.


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