Ethereum seems to break its chains today after the All-Time High of the Bitcoin. ETH, which raised itself above $ 700 with its upward momentum, is trading at $ 694 at publication. The 1.5 percent decline, which BTC dominated at the time money started to flow to ETH, shows that money from BTC is slowly flowing into altcoins. In particular, it is thought that Bitcoin moving in the range of $ 26,000 – $ 28,000 for a while will be very positive for altcoins. When we look at the daily chart in ETH, the $ 715 level seems to be significant resistance. After this level, ETH, which has important resistances at $ 740 and $ 780, can continue its upward moves in the coming days, especially if it can close daily on the yellow trend line seen on the chart. Especially, the persistence of ETH over $ 700 will trigger the BTC dominance to fall further, and the flow of money to altcoins. Considering that altcoin rallies usually start with the rise of ETH, it is suggested that those who invest in altcoins should follow the ETH chart closely.


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