Seeing the psychological limit of $ 25,000, BTC thus saw its new peak. In the coming days, the yellow, green, and blue lines on the chart can act as support and resistance as before. While the $ 24,000 and $ 23,300 levels play an important role, especially in pullbacks, a fall below these levels and closing below in the 4-hour period could drop the price to $ 22,600. A hard crossing of $ 25,000 could push the price up to $ 26,300 and $ 28,700 with the FOMO effect. However, it always makes sense to buy at retreats, not at the peak price.

Looking at the RSI value in the same chart, it is seen that there is an increase to 67 levels, and there may be a selling pressure. In loosening, it is possible to buy parts from the support levels and stop below.

How about Altcoins?

BTC dominance, which declined slightly after the altcoins rose with the effect of XRP yesterday, rose again after Bitcoin reached record levels. If the dominance, which forces the 70 percent resistance again, rises above this level and gains permanence, it may trigger selling pressure for altcoins. However, it will be essential for the flow of money to altcoins if it falls below 70, especially near 60.

P.S: This is not an investment advice.


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