With the rise of bitcoin, the number of millionaires increased parabolically


According to on-chain data platform Glassnode; With an incredible 150 percent increase, the number of addresses worth $ 1 million has exceeded the number of 66 thousand 540. The company stated that the first miners who provided computing power to the system in return for block rewards in the first years after Bitcoin’s creation were people with millionaire addresses.

Glassnode CTO Rafael Schultze-Kraft stated the following regarding the issue: “All you have to do to become a millionaire today is that you have mined a single block of Bitcoin between 2009-2012. You had 210 thousand chances to do this “. The figure of 210 thousand mentioned here by Schultze-Kraft indicates the total number of blocks in that period. Between these years, miners were awarded 50 BTC as a reward.

Why Bitcoin is rising?

Experts attribute Bitcoin to exceeding the limits of 20 thousand first and then 21, 22, and 23 thousand respectively, to invest in BTC due to the big fund managers wanting to protect their money from inflation. The biggest crypto money is being traded around 23 thousand 040 dollars at the time of writing. This number means a 15 percent increase in the last 24 hours.

Scott Minerd, CIO of the macro-free investment firm Guggenheim Partners, founded in 2000, said that BTC should be worth 400 thousand dollars in a program he attended yesterday at Bloomberg. If Bitcoin rises to this value, the number one cryptocurrency’s total market value will also reach $ 7.2 trillion.


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