Experts say that the Fed’s Incentive Plan Will Benefit Bitcoin (BTC)


The Fed’s incentive looks like a Bitcoin ad, according to many experts. The Central Bank of the United States announced yesterday that it is not planning a restriction on coronavirus incentive packages. The central bank has also stated that it will continue to receive at least $ 80 billion in government debt each month and announced that it keeps low-interest rates stable. Estimating that unemployment and inflation will not reach pre-pandemic levels until 2023, the central bank will continue to print money for a few more years. According to many experts, the surplus of dollars will raise the inflation rate, leading to a huge opportunity for cryptocurrencies. Matthew Edwards, CEO, and CIO of cryptocurrency fund D-alpha Capital, thinks that billionaire investors like Paul Tudor Jones back the thesis that Bitcoin will protect against inflation. Edwards also believes that falling returns on traditional investments can increase people’s risk appetite in addition to low-interest rates. At this point, Bitcoin may stand out as the riskiest asset.


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