The Norwegian oil fund, which owns shares in Microstrategy and Square companies, showed that citizens indirectly own Bitcoin. According to the data, each citizen has at least $ 2 worth of Bitcoin. Norway allows citizens to invest through the government pension fund, also known as the oil fund. The fund, which has assets of more than $ 1 trillion, owns shares in companies such as Microstrategy and Square. This government fund in Norway allows citizens to indirectly own Bitcoin.

The fund has $ 17.5 million Dollars of Bitcoin

Torkel Rogstad, a Norwegian software developer in the research company Arcane, has a 2.14% stake in Microstrategy and 0.83% in Square, according to the data of the “Norwegian Bitcoin Fund” website created to track BTCs in the fund. The constantly updated site shows that the pension fund indirectly owns 912.72 Bitcoin. The indirect BTC owned by the fund is approximately $ 17.5 million.


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