The Gox case points to a possible outcome for the long-running tangled incident on December 15th .Mt. The Gox case deadline to coordinate the “rehabilitation plan” is 15 December, but those affected fear further postponements. Most users say they expect to take their losses. But again, many have lost hope that the puzzle will be solved on December 15th. Mt. Gox is poised to complete its infamous case tomorrow with a $ 2.6 billion payment plan. However, few victims expect a positive outcome.

What Will Happen to 140K BTC?

As we have reported many times before, the announcement of the payment plan was constantly being delayed. The repayment plan, which had to be submitted on October 15, 2020, was postponed to December 15, 2020. Now, there are only hours left for this plan to be delivered. There is only one question in mind right now, if the plan is presented, will the situation have a bearish effect on the markets? With the repayment plan, 140,000 BTC, corresponding to $ 2.6 billion, is expected to be paid to the victims.

There are fears that if these BTCs are launched, there may be a serious decrease in Bitcoin and the crypto money market. It is thought that the victims will sell the BTC for profit after buying it, which will create serious selling pressure.


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