It is thought that digital currencies will be more valuable in the generally deteriorating economy. The blockchain system works differently from digital currencies and has its own characteristics. Governments can increase the printing of money as a solution to the bad economy, and then this situation will affect the economy even worse. Blockchain is a type of technology that can change this situation; although no state has made it legal or illegal yet, the fact that people and companies look hopeful cannot be denied.

Bitcoin has ingeniously designed features as the first and most powerful coin in the blockchain system. The demand for Bitcoin and its share in the market increased. Bitcoin, which has a longer history than other cryptocurrencies and has a system ahead of its competitors; thus, it became the most valuable money of the system.

Bitcoin seems to continue to maintain and even increase its market share. As we always stated, it is not the right move to make definite judgments and comments for the crypto money exchange. It is always necessary to follow and observe the agenda closely.


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